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earch engine optimization is one of the most valuable services we perform. As an SEO consultant Huck monitors the search engine ranks for many of our customers. Then he modifies their sites' contents to improve their positions.

SEO consultant services are valuable to businesses that depend on their website for new business. Web users who are looking for goods or services are likely to use the primary search engines to find what they are looking for. We offer rank reports, web analytics and analysis of your competitors' websites.

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SEO Involves Many Tasks

Website SEO services

Get Rank Reports

Part of our SEO services include the monitoring of your website's rank in the search engine. We provide a monthly report that shows where your website ranks for targeted phrases. And we compare it's ranks with previous ranks and report on the progress your website is making in it's ranks.

We Make Site Modifications

After we have run our rank report we make modifications to our customers' websites that are designed to improve their rankings. We also will work with you and your industry contacts to get links to your website that will improve it's rank in the search engines.

Website SEO services

Web Analytics

Today you can get a vast range of details on the performance of your website with web analytics.

Different businesses have different objective for their websites. Some are looking to sell products, others are wanting visitors to spend time reading their content and others have different goals.

Learn What Your Visitors Do

Web analytics can show you what visitors are doing on your website. You can learn how they reached your website, whether through a search engine, a link from another site or by just typing in the web address. You can learn what pages you visitors viewed. This can tell you a lot about how easy your site is to use. You can find out what pages you visitors leave from. If they are leaving from the "Thank You" page of a form you want filled out or the "Order Confirmation" page of an e-commerce site, then that's a good indicator that you site is doing what you want it to.

This is just a small sample of what you can find out from web analytics.

Competitor Analysis

The websites of your competitors are a major factor in the ranking and performance of your website. Your website competes with theirs for search engine positions and attention of the visitor. It needs to rank higher and it needs to be as inviting to visit.

We can evaluate the websites of your competitors and use that analysis to make your website out perform theirs.

No Contracts!

We require no contracts for our SEO work. Whenever you are not satisfied with the performance you get from search engine traffic, you simply cancel our service. We have many customers who have used this service for years. It keeps their ranks in positions that generates the web traffic they are looking for.

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We have been designing and managing websites for businesses in and around Stanly County for over 15 years.

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