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SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the most valuable services we provide. We monitor the search engine ranks for many customers' websites. And we do work to improve poor ranks and maintain quality ranks.

We offer rank reports, web analytics and analysis of our clients' websites and of their competitors' websites.

SEO Management

Our SEO services are designed to get desired traffic to the websites of our clients. We monitor ranks daily. The data we get from the rank reports is used to determine the phrases we should target. From that point we employ our SEO skills to improve poor ranks.

Search Engine Ranking

Part of our SEO services include the monitoring of your website's rank in the search engine. We provide a monthly search engine ranking report that shows where your website ranks for targeted phrases. And we compare it's ranks with previous ranks and report on the progress your website is making in it's positions.

Website Modifications

After we have run our rank report we make modifications to our customers' websites that are designed to improve their rankings. Strategic selection and placement of headlines, text and images can improve your ranks. We manage these and other web assets in our SEO services.

Search Engine Ranking Report

Getting accurate search engine rank data is essential. If you are checking your ranks multiple times from the same computer, then odds are your ranks are higher than those seen by a searcher who has not visited your site before. We offer a service that allows you to monitor your search engine rankings. Our search engine rank report tracks your ranks in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

SEO services include rank reports, web analytics and competitor analysis

Web Analytics

Today you can get a vast range of details on the performance of your website with web analytics. We can incorporate this tool into your SEO program.


Web analytics can show you what visitors are doing on your website. It helps you learn what areas of you site are performing well and what areas are not.


Our SEO services include a competitor review. Your site needs to be better than your competitors' if it is going to rank above the.

No Contracts!

We require no contracts for our SEO work. Whenever you are not satisfied with the performance you get from search engine traffic, you simply cancel our service.

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