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Huck Huckabee offers web services to businesses across the country. Those services range from website design to SEO services. His office is in Badin, North Carolina. He offers on site personal service to businesses in Albemarle, Oakboro, Locust, Richfield, Norwood, Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

Huck and his team has provided website design and SEO services for small businesses since 1999.

Website Design Since 1999



Huck Huckabee has designed and managed websites since 1999. While he serves clients across the country, he holds a preference in working with local businesses. He is willing to make calls on business locations and will get as involved in the business as the client desires.

His services go beyond web design and include search engine rank reports, search engine optimization and social media incorporation.

Huck and Abby Huckabee

Huck & Abby Huckabee

Site Manager for Small Businesses

Text - Graphics - SEO

and more

Most small businesses don't have the personnel to manage their websites. If they do then it is likely one individual who has no backup. That makes the business very dependent on that individual. The need a professional in website design. Huck Huckabee offers web services with the help of Patricia Fox and Kamden Leigh. This staff is available in the management of your website.

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Affordable Websites for Small Businesses

We have built a wide range of affordable small business websites. Today, all of our sites are designed in a responsive format that will work well on all screen sizes. The websites we design are high quality and affordable. Most small businesses cannot afford to make huge investments in their websites. For many clients we start with a small site and grow it over time. For other businesses we take on larger web design projects that may include starting an e-commerce from scratch or redesigning an outdated website.

Our Services Include:

Web Design

Huck's team operates They design websites for small businesses all over the country. Each site is custom designed for each client. They incorporate clients' existing artwork with new elements that are custom designed for their websites.


Our service continues after the sale. We are available to manage your website. We can make updates and modifications to your website whenever you need them. No job is too small. All you do is send us the content. We will normally have it on your site in a matter of hours.


We provide search engine optimization (SEO) services to many of our customers. Our SEO services are customized for each customer to get desired traffic to their website. Learn more about seo services for small businesses at our sister website.

Photos & Art

We create custom artwork for many of our customers. From logo design to chart creation, we can create unique graphics.

We also offer photography services in the central North Carolina area.

Social Media Management

Today more and more businesses are getting into social media. They can manage it in house or contract it our to a social media management company that has experience. Contact me and let's discuss how we can incorporate social media into your business's marketing.

We have built and managed websites from Hawaii to Jamaica.

Our websites include:

Sites Designed for Multiple Devices

responsive website designs

Over 50% of site visits are viewed on mobile devices. We design sites that are responsive and will fit the users screen.

Get Ranked in the Search Engines

Search engine optimization graphic

Many of our customers get significant traffic from organic searches. Our SEO services will get ranks that generate business.

A list of all aspects of business marketing.

Serving Stanly County

Huck Huckabee has been designing and managing websites for businesses in and around Stanly County for over 15 years. Learn more about Huck Huckabee

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