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Our Services Include

Complete Website Design and Management

Website Setup

We can custom design a website for you. And we can do all the things needed to get your site operating promptly. We can secure a domain name, set up hosting, establish email addresses and register your site in the search engines.

Website Design

Huck Huckabee designed his first website in 1999. When a retailer in Albemarle, North Carolina, asked him to design a website for his business, he took the opportunity. He now works with a range of web professionals to provide web design and management services from individuals, businesses and organizations across the country.

Website Management

When you need modifications to your website you can contact us and we can make them for you. And we will do it promptly.

Or we can show you how to make changes yourself. But we can also do a lot more then that.

We also offer other web management services that also offer integration with social media, tracking your traffic with web analytics and SEO services.

Years of Experience in Web Work

Huck Huckabee has helped small businesses and organizations work the web for over 20 years. He and his team provide website design and management services to a range of small businesses and organizations. They also provide management of other web resources that help clients get the benefits they are looking for on the web.

Stanly Concert Website

SCCA’s website is one of our latest designs.

Need A Website?

We Offer A Range Of Options

The first question most inquirers ask is us “What does a website cost?” We can’t answer that question until we get more details on what our potential client needs.

Different businesses have different requirements. Some want a single page site that provides basic information about their business. Expanding on the company’s information increases their credibility with visitors. And that can help them get more customers. Other businesses want to have many pages, sell products, collect visitor information and more. This can provide a wider range of benefits and requires more work.

Give us some details on the website you are looking for. We will come up with a reasonable price for creating one just for you.

Look at Some of Our Websites

Coffee shop website home page

Badin Coffee

Badin Coffee promotes coffee, tea, bakery items, antiques and more. They have a single page site.

Troy Lumber Company website

Troy Lumber Company

Troy Lumber Company produces over 3.1 million board feet of lumber every year. They ask people to apply for employment on their website.

Pool builders website

Arneson Pools

Arneson Pools is a Southern California pool builder. They service Orange County and the surrounding areas.

Carolina Canopies website

Carolina Canopies

Carolina Canopies designs, manufactures and installs commercial and specialty canopies. They have been in business since 1989.

Stanly County Concert Association website

Stanly Concert

Stanly County Concert Association was started over half a century ago. Today, they organized concert events in Stanly County, North Carolina.

Hawaii floor covering company

AllWood Flooring

AllWood Flooring serves the Maui, Hawaii, area. They specialize in installation, refinishing, historic renovation and other flooring services.

South 21 Drive-In website

South 21 Drive In

South 21 Drive In restaurant has served the Charlotte area since 1955. They provide a unique eating experience.

Stanly County Concert Band website

SC Concert Band

Stanly County Concert Band was established in 2012. They provide local musicians an opportunity to play and they perform concerts at least twice a year.

Want More From The Web?

Get More Than A Website

Huck’s experience can help you gain the upper hand in getting full use of the web. From social media incorporation to special promotion websites, there are many tools available to help get the web traffic you are looking for.

Keep Your Website Updated

Too many businesses put up their website and leave it alone for a long time. Regular updates can improve you search engine ranks and improve the experience your visitors get on your website.

Schedule Website Modifications

Set a plan to make regular modifications to your website, like a monthly blog post. For some businesses this is a great tool that will get visitors coming back to your website on a regular basis to see what you have put on it.

Post Your Promotions

Too many businesses have promotions and don’t list them on their website. We can show you how to do it or do it for you. We will help you make your website work with other marketing.

Incorporate Social Media

We can help you set up and manage your social media. And we can show you how to make it interact with your website.

Improve Search Engine Ranks

Monitoring your search engine ranks can show you where you need to make modifications to your website. We help you do this and help you decide what changes need to be made to improve your search engine ranks.

Monitor Competitors

In our SEO plans we can even monitor the websites of your competitors. Then we do things to get your website in better positions than theirs.

We Are Here When You Need Us

We offer web management to our customers. Service is available to you long after your website has been created. And most websites are created for the long term. And as web technologies advance, there can even be times when your website needs to be redesigned. We’ll be here when you need that!

We Offer a Range of Supporting Services

Small Business Websites home page

Through Small Business Websites we provide websites to small businesses and organizations across the country. Visit the website to learn more about our website design services.

Website SEO services for small business.

A few years after getting into the website design business we saw the value search engines had for small businesses. Today, it is even more significant. We help a range of businesses benefit from search engines with our SEO web work.

social media web work

Today, social media is having a significant impact on small businesses. Our web team can help you get set up and create a social media program through our Social Media Web Work services.


Newsletters through emails are one of the best ways to reach some target audiences. They are a great tool for keeping a following that already exists. Businesses can use them to keep their customers informed about new products. Communities can use the to keep their citizens up-to-date on local news.

Do you have an idea for a newsletter? Contact us and we will show you how this web tool can work for you.

Badin Newsletter on mobile device.

Learn more about our Pro Web Management.

Let’s Talk

I am happy to visit businesses in and around Stanly, Cabarrus and Montgomery counties.

I also build websites located farther away. I have customers from Hawaii, California and other places around the country. I work well with them via phone conversations, email and text messaging. I am willing to visit locations around the country if the client covers time and travel expenses.

My clients have ranged from a lumber mill to a hemp therapy provider. This wide range of experience has provided educational experiences that carry over to my clients today.

Don’t ever hesitate to call me at:


Huck Huckabee has designed websites since 1999

Huck Huckabee

Managing web resources since 1999

We Provide The Best

Get State-Of-The-Art Web Work

Easy To Use Websites

Today websites are more often viewed on mobile devices. Our sites are designed for mobile devices and desktops. And our website layouts are carefully created to make your visitor feel comfortable. And your site will be easy to maneuver.

More Services

We maintain a long term relationship for customers that want to get more out of their website. From search engine optimization to web analytics to the incorporation of social media, our mission is to help our clients get the most our of the web.


Our designs, management and hardware are all state-of-the-art. We have worked with a range of vendors for over 20 years. We know the good ones from the bad ones. And this experience will benefit your website endeavors.

A Wide Range Of Domain Extensions Are Available




.gov and more…

No Job Is Too Small

Let Us Do Your Web Work

If you already have a website and need help with it then don’t hesitate to call. From minor text changes to a complete redesign of your website, we will be happy to help you get your web work done.

Take Advantage Of The Web

Too many businesses have their website created and then leave it alone. For those who want to take full advantage of the web, we are available to customize a program that will get more traffic and more customers on the web.

We Will Be Happy To Manage Your Website, But…

If You Want, We Can Teach You To Manage Your Website

And when you need help, we will be there…

We can create your website and show you how to make content changes and add pages.

We can train someone on your staff

We can show you what software you will need

We can help you get the proper equipment

We will be available to help you when you need it

We Look Forward To Working With You

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