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We provide a range of services on the web for small businesses and organizations.



Website Design and Redesign

New websites can be designed from scratch or they can be created from outdated sites. The sites we create will be up-to-date and can be updated whenever needed.

We have designed websites for a wide range of businesses. From single page sites to sites that have many pages to e-commerce sites, our web design work creates a custom design for each client.

After we have your site operating, we are available to help you manage it or we can fully manage it for you.

Our Website Services Include

New Website Design

We have designed websites since 1999. And we have worked with a wide range of businesses. We would love to build your website.

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When we design your website we can do everything necessary to get it operating. For many of our clients we acquire their domain names and manage their renewals. We set up their hosting. And we do anything else that may be required.

Our sites are designed to work on all size devices viewing the web.

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Email Setup

Our services include webmail. We can set up addresses that go with your website that you can check from anywhere on the web.

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Email addresses that go with your website look more professional then generic addresses (like We can set up emails that you can check from any device accessing the web. And when you send emails they will show as coming from your website (like

Management After Creation

We are available to our clients long after their sites are completed. We can manage your website or turn it over to you to manage.

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We manage the websites of most of our clients. When they want to make modifications, add pages, get new artwork or make other changes to their sites, then all they have to do is let us know what they want. We will do it for them.

Some clients want to manage their sites themselves. We can design their websites to make it easy for them to maintain and modify.

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Supporting Services

We can help you with many items supporting your website like social media setup, search engine optimization and more.

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A lot of things on the web can enhance the value of your website. Quality search engine optimization (SEO) can improve the number of desired visitors that go to your website. Connecting social media can get more traffic. And there are a range of other services that can support the operation and increase the value of your website.

Let Me Be Your Web Manager

Hello! I’m Huck Huckabee and I have created and managed websites for a range of small businesses across the country. I started my first site in 1999. Today I provide small business web design services to a range of clients

If you are looking for a website designer or a person to manage your web assets then I can help you. I work with a group of brilliant people. They are specialists in a range of web fields. They work in website design, SEO, web analytics and other fields.

If you have questions then don’t hesitate to call me. I would love to hear from you.

Huck Huckabee has designed websites since 1999

Web Management

Website Redesign

Do you have an outdated website? We can redesign it for you.


Our SEO services include rank tracking and content management.

Web Management

We are available to manage websites and other web assets.


Social Media

Our services range from social media setup to full planning and management.

We Can Also Help With Other Marketing

Team Training

We can train your staff to manage a wide range of your digital marketing assets.

Email Marketing

Our services include the planning and management of email marketing campaigns.


We a range of marketing services including logo design and advertising strategy.

More Options

Need a single page simple websites at low cost? Get one at super small websites.

To Learn More:

Web Design For All Devices

Our websites work on everything from smartphones to wide screen desktops.

Divi Themes for Small Business Websites

At Small Business Websites we have over 10 years experience working with Divi WordPress designs by Elegant Themes. Give us a call and let’s talk about what a Divi Theme can do for your small business.

Track The Progress Of Your Website

We can show you the progress of your website with Google Analytics. See how many visitors your site has. See how long visitors stay on your site. See how many pages are viewed. See what pages visitors are leaving from (if they don’t go past your home page then you need to consider makeing changes).

This is good information to have!

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

We will be available to do all of your web work or we can train your employees to do it in house. Simple web management can sometimes be done by your personel more efficiently. We will show them how to do it. But, don’t forget. We will be here when you need us.

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Many Platform

Different businesses have different clientele. Some use websites, other prefer Facebook, some like Instagram and some use other platforms. We can help you determine what mediums will be effective for your business and help you get the set up. We can even help you manage them.


Recent Work

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  • Content Management
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Success Stories

Huck did a great job on our website. He is easy to work with. He continues to help us with maintenance to our site and he is always very prompt in handling our requests.

Brad Holbrooks

CEO, BE Holbrooks Co.

I have worked with Huck for over 15 years. He is available when we call and visits our store when we need him. He has helped us with all aspects of our web marketing.

Gene Starnes

Owner, Starnes Jewelers

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