Our Services Include

Website Design

We create custom designed websites from scratch. Our web designers take a client’s existing marketing artwork and create a website that compliments their existing material. For businesses without artwork (or not happy with the artwork they have) we can create a brand new site.

Responsive website design on different devices

Our Features

Experienced Website Designers

Huck Huckabee has designed custom websites for a range of small businesses since 1999. He has an experienced team that keeps up-to-date on web technology.

When you use us to create your business’s website you get the benefits of employing of experienced website designers at a fraction of the cost of hiring them.

Website Design Services

Website design includes a range of services that we provide for our customers. Those services include:

Mobile First Design

The sites we design are designed for mobile devices first. Then they are designed for larger screens.

Cloud Hosting

Our sites can be hosted at multiple data center locations. This improves the performance of our websites. Visitors get their information faster.

Secure Server Hosting

We provide hosting one secure servers. This keeps viruses out of your site.

Website Backups

Our sites are backed up and saved for extended periods of time.

Examples Of Our Website Design Work

Website design example

This is a dock equipment company.

Click here to visit the site.

Jewelry store website design

This is a jewelry store.

Click here to visit the site.

Website design for a canopy manufacturer.

This is a canopy design company.

Click here to visit the site.

Take A Look At Some Pre-Design Layouts

example website

Health Care Example

Example website

Non-Profit example.

The Web Design Process Is Simple For You

Domains & Hosting

Our services include securing your domain name and setting up hosting.

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We handle domain registration, website hosting and asset management for most of our clients. This allows them the focus on their businesses while we focus on their websites.

Website Creation

The creation of your website is the next step.

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We take the information we have gathered in the planning of our clients’ websites and begin a design. Through the design process we show out customers the progress we are making and ask for approval of various sections.

The time involved in the design of a website is very dependent on our client. If we have images, artwork (like logos), and a guide for the text, then we can normally create a small site in a matter of days.

Website Design

We take information provided by our clients and design a site to meet their needs.

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We meet with each client and lay out a plan for their website. We reviews and modifications the design comes together and is ready for creation.

Available To Our Customers

We are in this for the long term.

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We have a continous relationship with a wide range of customers. We are available when they need us. From small content modifications to redesigns, we get their changes made promptly.

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Have Questions?

How Much Does a Website Cost?

We give each of our potential clients an individual estimate customized for them. No two sites are the same. Give us details on your web marketing mission and we will create a plan and cost estimate for you.

Where Are Sites Hosted?

We host our sites with a range of providers. We choose the plan and the service that will meet the needs of your website.

Will My Site Work On A Mobile Device?

Yes. The sites we create are designed in a mobile first format. They will work on smart phones, tablets and desktop devices.

How Do I Get A Domain Name?

We obtain the domain name for most of our customers and handle their operation and renewals. If you want to control your domain then we will be happy to help you obtain it.

Can We Get Email Address With Our Website?

We offer emails to all of our hosting customers. Your emails can be accessed on the web or setup to come into your own device. We can also set up forwarding to send emails to your other email addresses.

How Do I Detemine What To Put On My Website?

We help our clients determine what goes on their sites based on their markets. We review competing sites and work on a design that makes our clients’ sites one of the best in the market.

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